A nice example of lölingite comes from China, Inner Mongolia, Location: Huanggang. Silver-white, metallic shiny, leafy crystals of löllingite, which coalesce into rosettes and reach a size of up to 20 mm.

Origin Asia » China » Inner Mongolia » Chifeng, Linxi
Size category Small Cabinet (7-10 cm)
Size 8,6 x 3,7 x 7,4 cm
Weight 483 g


Löllingite is an iron arsenide, FeAs2. It was named in 1845 W.K. von Haidinger according to the type locality in Lölling (Wolfbau mine) in Austria. The colors are metallic gray, forming granular to solid aggregates, rarely limited columnar crystals, often doubled. It occurs on ore veins, in greisen, pegmatites and skarn. It accompanies occurrences of arsenopyrite.


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