One of the most beautiful Cobaltites comes from Canada from Foster Township. This sample was found in the 80's. Our specimen has a gray, metallic trick with dimensions 5.7 x 3.7 x 3.9 cm, the largest crystal reaches a size of 1.2 cm.
Origin North America » Canada » Ontario » Foster Township
Size category Miniature (4-7 cm)
Size 5,7 x 3,7 x 3,9 cm
Weight 87 g
The biggest crystal 0,9 x 1,2 x 1 cm


Cobaltite is a sulfide of cobalt and arsenic, CoAsS. Its name comes from German: kobold - a harmful underground elf or goblin. The allusion to the fact that cobalt ores melt badly, that they are evil. It is an important cobalt ore. It is silver-white with a pinkish tint to black. It occurs in pseudocubic crystals, octahedrons, etc. also in pieces or in granular or solid aggregates. Perfectly developed crystals are prized by collectors. It occurs in metamorphic rocks, skarns or is of hydrothermal origin.

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