This rubelite comes from Burma, Mandalay from the Pyingyi mine. Rubelite consists of pink, raspberry red at the ends of the crystals, glassy, ​​translucent, longitudinally grooved, columnar, sometimes on both sides of crystals reaching a size of up to 1,3 cm, which grow through each other and grow on a substrate of microcline and quartz.

Origin Asia » Myanmar - Burma » Mandalay » Singu » Let Pan Hla - Pyingyi Taung
Size category Miniature (4-7 cm)
Size 5,7 x 3,7 x 3,3 cm
Weight 38 g
The biggest crystal 1,3 x 0,8 x 0,6 cm


Rubelite is a pink to ruby ​​red variety of elbaite from the tourmaline group. It is its gemstone variety. Its occurrence is exclusively related to pegmatites, most often lithium. Rubelites form columnar crystals and stalked aggregates. Of interest are the so-called zonal tourmalines (various colors), often a combination of verdelite with rubelite.

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