The most beautiful Benitoites come from the USA, California, San Benito. Benitoite consists of light and dark blue, glassy shiny, translucent, nicely demarcated crystals reaching a size of up to 6 mm, which grow on the mat. Older specimen.

Origin North America » United States of America » California » San Benito
Size category Miniature (4-7 cm)
Size 4,7 x 2,9 x 1,8 cm
Weight 14 g
The biggest crystal 0,6 x 0,4 x 0,2 cm


Benitoite forms a blue, matte glossy, translucent, finished crystal reaching a size up to 15 mm, which grows on a small substrate together with white natrolite. Benitoite was discovered in 1907 by James M. Couch in the San Benito Mountains near San Francisco and Los Angeles. Benitoiteis a rare blue barium titanium cyclosilicate, found in hydrothermally altered serpentinite.

USD 150

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