One of the most beautiful hyalites in the world are the hyalites from Valeč u Podbořan, Doupovské Hory, Czech Republic. Hyalite forms colorless, glassy, translucent to transparent, grape and kidney-shaped aggregates that grow on basalt tuff together with milky white carbonato-fluorapatite, the so-called "sttafelite". The mineral shines under a UV lamp. The pattern is formatted with an undercut at the bottom. Specimen has size 4,6 x 5,1 x 4,0 cm.
Origin Europe » Czech Republic
Size category Miniature (4-7 cm)
Size 4,6 x 5,1 x 4,0 cm
Weight 93 g
The biggest crystal 2,7 x 1,3 x 2,1 cm


Hyalite (or glass opal) is the purest variety of opal mineral. Ideally, it is completely colorless and clear. Depending on the location and method of formation, it may be slightly colored by other impurities (eg Fe, Ni, Mn, Cr compounds), or lose its transparency over time (by evaporation of water molecules).

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