Origin Europe » Slovakia » Bánská Bystrica Region » Banska Stiavnica / Schemnitz
Size category Small Cabinet (7-10 cm)
Size 7,5 x 3,0 x 6,7 cm
Weight 306 g
The biggest crystal 1,0 x 0,9 x 0,6 cm


The name sphalerite comes from the Greek sphaleros - deceptive. It is the most important zinc mineral. It occurs mainly on hydrothermal ore veins, very often in the company of galena. It most often forms crystals in the shape of a tetrahedron or dodecahedron, often forming twin bonds. But it also creates granular, earthy and lump aggregates. The color is most often light to dark brown, but also reddish brown, red, green, yellow, etc.

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