Heulandite-Ca on Mordenite

An interesting example of the American zeolite Heulandite originating from the United States of America, Idaho, Challis. Heulandite-Ca on Mordenite. Colorless, white, glassy and pearlescent, translucent to transparent, curved crystals of Heulandite, which reach a size of about 20 mm and grow on a the matrix with Mordenite.
Origin North America » United States of America » Idaho » Challis
Size category Small Cabinet (7-10 cm)
Size 7,1 x 5,1 x 6,3 cm
Weight 207 g
The biggest crystal 2 x 1,5 x 1,3 cm


Heulandite occurs in the cavities of volcanic rocks, in the cracks of alpine veins, in hydrothermal ore veins and also in sedimentary rocks. It forms columnar to tabular crystals, scaly or spherical aggregates, it is usually granular and lumpy. It is colorless, clear, white, red, etc. It is often accompanied by calcite and other zeolites.

USD 300

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