This specimen of Azurite comes from China, from the province of Anhui, from the Liufengshan Mine mine. Azurite forms dark blue, glassy to diamond-shiny, translucent, nicely finished crystals up to 5 mm in size, which grow into each other and fill a cavity in malachite.

Origin Asia » China » Anhui » Guichi - Liufengshan Mine
Size category Small Cabinet (7-10 cm)
Size 9,1 x 6,8 x 6,4 cm
Weight 331 g
The biggest crystal 0,5 x 0,5 x 0,25 cm


Azurite was named by the French mineralogist Francois Bendaut in 1824. The name is after the Persian word "lazhward" - blue. In nature, azurite is mostly a product of the oxidation of copper sulfides. It occurs on copper deposits with malachite, chrysokol, brochantite and others. Azurite is more of a by-product of copper ore mining. Azurite is also used as a gemstone, as Cu ore is less important.


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