This gold specimen comes from the most famous Italian gold mine Brusson. Fine sample of native gold on white vein quartz. On the surface of the sample, 3 golds places made of natural gold grow pleasantly, the largest of which is 0.9 cm. Gold works very aesthetically in contrast to white quartz.

Origin Europe » Italy » Piemonte » Brusson
Size category Thumbnail (2-4 cm)
Size 3,3 x 2,7 x 1,7 cm
Weight 17 g
The biggest crystal 0,9 x 0,6 x 0,35 cm


Gold is a precious metal of yellow color. It is a chemical element, Latin aurum. It is relatively soft, but has excellent properties, chemically resistant, well thermally and electrically conductive. In nature, it occurs mostly pure. They form either flakes, grains in quartz veins, rarely form crystals. They often form an alloy with silver (electrum). Or it occurs in boulders and nuggets in alluvium. It is a rare element in the earth's crust.


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