Very nice Epidotes come from Peru from the Lima area at Morgan 3, Coayllo. The epidote creates dark green, translucent, glassy to diamond-shiny, elongated, nicely finished crystals reaching a size of up to 2,45 cm, which grow through each other. The epidote forms the whole specimen.
Origin South America » Peru » Lima Department » Cerro San Cristobal
Size category Small Cabinet (7-10 cm)
Size 8,6 x 3,8 x 6,7 cm
Weight 235 g
The biggest crystal 2,45 x 1,95 x 2,2 cm


The epidote got its name from the Greek word épídosis - the addition, according to the stretching of the crystal, was named in 1801 by R.J. Haüy. It is an extended rock-forming mineral. It occurs on veins of the alpine type, in contact limestones or metamorphic rocks. It creates prismatic elongated crystals, tables, but also fibrous, fine-grained or solid aggregates. It is yellow-green, green to green-black.

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