Apophyllite with stilbite

Apophyllite with stilbite is come from to India, Nasik. Apophyllite consists of colorless, whitish, glassy to diamond-shiny, translucent to partially transparent, terminated crystals reaching a size of up to 4,9 cm, which grow through each other. Stilbite creates whitish, yellowish, silky and glassy shines, translucent, sometimes ending on both sides, which grow into each other.

Origin Asia » India » Maharastra » Nasik
Size category Small Cabinet (7-10 cm)
Size 9,1 x 5,95 x 5,6 cm
Weight 183 g
The biggest crystal 4,9 x 2 x 1,4 cm


Apophyllite is a hydrated silicate of calcium and potassium, KCa4Si8O20 (OH, F) .8H2O. They form columnar crystals terminated by dipyramidal surfaces. It occurs in the cavities of volcanic rocks, where it forms beautiful drusen. It also rarely occurs in skarns, pegmatites, veins of alpine paragenesis, etc.


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