Nice specimen of Amethyst come from Mexico, Veracruz, Las Vigas from the Piedra Parada mine. Amethyst consists of light purple finished crystals, glassy shiny, translucent to transparent, elongated, nicely finished crystals reaching a length of up to 3,4 cm, which grow on a light gray substrate.

Origin North America » Mexico » Veracruz » Las Vigas
Size category Large Cabinet (10-20 cm)
Size 12,1 x 4,9 x 8,4 cm
Weight 203 g
The biggest crystal 3,4 x 1,3 x 1,4 cm


The name amethyst comes from the Greek "a-methystos", not drunk with wine. It has been a popular material for the production of various ornaments and jewelry since ancient times. It is found mainly in the cavities of alkaline rocks (geodes). Amethyst has a color from light purple, deep purple to purple. Some amethysts are transparent, others only translucent, others opaque. Amethyst does not like direct light, loses color and fades.


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