The most beautiful aquamarines from China come from Sichuan of Pingwu from Xuebaoding Mount. Aquamarine is a slightly bluish, glassy shiny, translucent to partially transparent crystal about 6.1 cm in size, which is terminated on both sides. Other crystals grow on the side of the main crystal together with muscovite.

Origin Asia » China » Sichuan » Pingwu
Size category Small Cabinet (7-10 cm)
Size 9,8 x 5,1 x 7,8 cm
Weight 363 g
The biggest crystal 6,1 x 4,3 x 1,95 cm


The name beryl comes from the Greek beryllos, which is a designation for gems blue-green like sea water. Chemically, it is a beryllium-aluminum silicate, Be3Al2 (Si6O18). Beryl is known mainly for its gemstone varieties such as emerald, aquamarine, golden beryl, goshenite and morganite. The colors of beryl are from colorless, white, green, yellow-green, green-blue, pink to red. It occurs mainly in pegmatites. The blue type of beryl is called Aquamarine.


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