Rhodochrosite is one of the most prized minerals, some of the most beautiful rhodochrosite in Europe were in Romania. Rhodochrosite forms light pink, dull shiny, partially translucent, tiny crystals that reach up to 2 mm, grow into each other and form spatial crusts and renal aggregates.

Origin Europe » Romania » Maramures Co » Cavnic
Size category Miniature (4-7 cm)
Size 5,2 x 2,9 x 3,3 cm
Weight 63 g


Rhodochrosite is a popular mineral, sometimes nicknamed the "raspberry stone". The name rhodochrosite is derived from the Greek rhodon - rose and chroma - color. This stone was mined and processed in the 13th century by Argentine Indians. It usually occurs solid, granular or forms aggregates grape-shaped, kidney-shaped and radially radiate. They rarely form arches, tabular or scalenohedra crystals. It has a typical pink to reddish color. It occurs on hydrothermal veins as well as in metamorphic and sedimentary manganese deposits.


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